[ from Chris Spector – Midwest Record ]

MARKEY BLUE/The Blues are Knockin’ (SOUL O SOUND):

It’s good to see this indie blues duo make the most of the nu opportunities the present throws in your path to try and make a living as a working muso.  First off, this set proves the debut was no fluke.  This set of all originals raises the bar on a lot of levels.  Second, it’s good to see their tunes are getting them TV placements because their stuff is a great antidote to the drippy crap insular music soaps are over using.  Using Memphis and Muscle Shoals as jumping off points without looking over their shoulders, this duo hits it out of the park with the kind of stuff Stax would be doing today if there was continuity of ownership all these years.  A wonderful blast of fresh air, this is show blues from the top shelf.  Killer stuff.

Volume 39/Number 191
May 10, 2016