[ from Peter Merrett – PBS 106.7 ]

*** MARKEY BLUE – “The Blues Are Knockin’ “.
Label – Soul Sound Records.

Ric Latina – Guitar, Song Writer.
(Jeannette) Markey – Vocals, Percussion, Song Writer.

***Track 1. – “I’ll Wait For You”. Written by Ric Latina, Jeannette Markey & Bill Bois.
Stunning slide from Latina heralds in this wonderful percussive Piedmont style Blues. Markey instantly grabs you with her powerful voice that is expressive and dynamic. Virden adds the bass to the solid rhythm section with Clay on drums. Additional drums are from Klingler. An absolutely stunning introduction to the duo Markey Blue. Wow what a performance and what a great song.

*** Track 2. – “That Ain’t Good Enough”. Written by Ric Latina & Jeannette Markey.
A real rollicking Blue mid tempo jumper that has Markey steppin’ out with the vocals. Latina offers up some incendiary guitar that is sure to please the most critical of guitar lovers. Tuttle provides the keys and added to the mix Marcus lays down some solid bass. A definite dance floor filler from what we have now established is one helluva duo.

***Track 3. – “Cold Outside”. Written by Ric Latina & Jeannette Markey.
Big bold and brassy R&B inspired song with keys from Tuttle, Sax and Bari Sax from Robbins, Trumpet from Williamson, Bass from Virden and drums from Clay viagra no prescription. Big and sumptuous with honey smooth vocals from Markey as Latina’s guitar shines. Certainly a marvelous track.

*** Track 4. – “Cash Is Always King”. Written by Ric Latina & Jeannette Markey.
Quite a true statement that would be the sentiments of most listeners. Latina again lays down some sublimely amazing guitar that weeps and moans. Tuttle’s keys feature throughout along with Coleman’s bass and Ledbetter’s drums. The vocals of Markey again are so very impressive and persuasive. She possesses a wonderful instrument that is pure delight and so enjoyable.

*** Track 5. – “The Blues Are Knockin’ “. Written by Ric Latina & Jeannette Markey.
Wonderful Chicago Blues showcasing Markey’s amazing voice and the virtuoso guitarist Latina. Tuttle again provides the outstanding keys along with Virden on Bass and Clay on Drums. Pathos laden drawing on every emotion Markey can wring from her voice adds to the high drama of this more than enjoyable offering. Simply stunning.

*** Track 6. – “Be My Train” (Little Milton Tribute). Written by Ric Latina & Jeannette Markey.
Swingin’ tribute to Stax recording artist James “Little” Milton Campbell Jr. from Inverness Mississippi. Tuttle again provides the keys that are very important to that authentic Stax sound, Sax/Bari Sax from Robbins, Trumpet from Williamson, Bass from Virden and drums from Clay. Latina channels his inner Milton beautifully but without parroting the great Soul/Blues man himself.

*** Track 7. – “Lay Down Lucille (BB King Tribute)”. Written by Ric Latina & Jeannette Markey.
If there is an iconic name in music that we instantly recognize is “Lucille” the guitar played by the “King Of The Blues one Riley B. King or better known as BB King from Berclair Mississippi. Now this i certainly an undertaking that could become sycophantic quite easily but not in the hands of consummate song writers and performers
Latina and Markey. Joyful story telling with a whimsical take on the “Lucille” and it’s importance in the pantheon of history of arguably the greatest of Bluesmen. From Latina’s BB inspired playing, Markeys potent vocals, Tuttle’s keys, Robbins’s Sax, Coleman’s Bass Larson’s drums the performance is outstanding and very reverent to BB.

*** Track 8. – “Nobody’s Fool”. – Written by Ric Latina & Jeanette Markey.
Another R&B infused Blues given the full treatment with Tuttle’s keys, Robbins’s Sax, Marcus’s Bass, Smith’s Drums and Larson’s Percussion. Latina’s guitar sings and dances right across this one as Markey delivers another tour de force with her vocals. Cool and funky track that is a knockout.

*** Track 9. – “Me Missing You”. Written by Ric Latina & Jeannette Markey.
Exquisite Blues ballad that has Markey rather subdued with her vocals as Latina plays around her with a stunning guitar tone as Tuttle underscores it all with his keys. Electric Chicago Blues at it’s very best. No unneeded flourishes as the rhythm section of Virden on Bass and Clay on drums sit nice and tight. Great track, so very subtle but immensely enjoyable.

*** Track 10. – “Worries”. Written by Ric Latina & Jeannette Markey.
Final track and another exquisite Chicago Blues ballad of exceptional quality that has now become the norm rather than the exception. Markey certainly knows how to wear her heart on her sleave to deliver a power packed vocal. Latina’s guitar is amazing with a tone to die for, his sublty in playing just enough is a rare talent and one that should be celebrated. Again Tuttle’s keys are sublime as is Coleman’s Bass and Larson’s Drums. Again proving less is more.

Wow now that is what l call an amazing album that quite frankly left me gobsmacked. Complex, moody sensuous Blues that are perfectly constructed and the charts are to die for. Latina and Markey as a duo are incredible performers but aside from that obvious observation they are incredible songwriters. Love so much about this album and this will start many a music fan’s foray into Blues music. Congratulations Ric, Jeannette and the wonderful collection of wonderful artists you chose to record this first class album with.