[ by Bill Wilson – Reflections In Blue ]

What began as a couple of performers looking to put a show together and maybe do a few gigs has turned into an unstoppable international sensation.  Individually the pair have something special, a fact that can be spotted by even the most casual listener.  Bring Ric Latina and Jeannette Markey together and sparks begin to fly.  Ric is an accomplished guitarist, who plays in a style that burns with passion and, while he is certainly the equal of anyone on the current blues scene, does not waste a single note.  While I am confident that he can hold his own against any of the hot shot guitarists who love to slash and burn through every song, Latina tends to be more of an artist by nature…every note carefully chosen for maximum effect.  As for Markey…she might well have been best described by Willie Dixon in “Same Thing”, as sung by Muddy Waters.  She most surely has that same old thing that makes a preacher lay his Bible down.  Aside from her timeless beauty, Markey has a way with words and a style of delivery that set the room on fire.  Add the talents of a dozen or more backing musicians, all seasoned and well-versed in blues, R&B, soul and anything else the evening’s performance might call for and you have a winner on your hands.  Now, with two full-length recordings and a Christmas EP under their belts, this duo has shown the world that the only place they’re going is up.  Nearly anyone can pull together a handful of tunes and come up with a good album, but Markey Blue have written all their own material and deliver it in such a manner that the listener hangs on every word.  This cat and kitten are the real deal, no doubt about it.