[From Flying Shoes Review]


This is a very classy, straightforward blues set from this Nashville-based outfit. Guitarist Ric Latina – a veteran of many country and blues groups and sessions – teamed up with singer Jeannette Markey in 2012, initially just to write a few songs. This is their second album and for blues lovers, it really hits the spot. As I write this, I am listening to ‘Be My Train’, a fine, funky Little Milton tribute (incidentally all ten songs here are originals), with excellent soulful vocals, clean guitar, funky horns, cracking rhythm section, and even that electric piano sound that denotes a definite era within the soul-blues – now that’s attention to detail. ‘Lay Down Lucille’ is a BB King tribute, but don’t get the idea these guys don’t have anything to say for themselves. All the songs here are carefully crafted, with varied, thoughtful arrangements from raw down-home, slide guitar driven blues to smooth bluesoul, impassioned singing and intelligent lyrics – you won’t find any ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ re-treads on this set, or even any blues-rock outings. The focus is on the songs and everything is tight and to-the-point. That makes it something of a rarity for the modern blues scene; that it is such an unqualified success is a real bonus!

– Norman Darwen