Markey and Ric Latina are in pre production for hosting a public television show “The Blue side of Town” highlighting the long history of blues from Nashville that’s been forgotten over the years. So many blues artist came though and called Nashville home and got started here such as Jimi Hendrix getting his start playing behind artists like Marion James and playing on the Night Train to Nashville before going on to the Band of Gypsy’s and rock and roll fame. They will be recording ten half hour long shows featuring several guest roots and blues musical artist in an intimate setting with a live audience as well as featuring different visual artist each show painters, photographers etc. There will be a short taped segment each show taking the audience to places of interest around Music City and Memphis such as the Musicians Hall of Fame, Jefferson Street Museum, The Blues Hall of Fame, Famous Music Venues and Recording Studios and other places of interest for audiences from around the world. The show can be picked up both on television and on the internet world wide. Blues Societies around the country will be able to call their local television station and request to pick up Blue Side of Town on your local area. Stay tuned for more details this fall.